About. Artist&photographer // Художник и фотограф

Ekaterina Perfilieva is an artist who works with theme of non-existence, emptiness and sterility. Her interests are mainly focused on psychoanalysis, contemporary religions and liminal spaces of Post-Soviet territory. She works with such topics as emotion expression, memory and oblivion. 

Ekaterina uses mixed media in her work: documentary and stage photography, personal archives, video, graphic design and 3D. She works with installation, web-projects and print editions. 

Currently lives and works in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 


2022 Group exhibition “Other Times”, Peresvetov Gallery, Moscow
2020 Group exhibition “Equalism”, White Room Gallery, Moscow
2019 Group exhibition “Immersion”, Fotografika, St. Petersburg
2019 Group exhibition “One”, Fotografika, St. Petersburg
2019 The photographer in the frame, online edition Donttakepictures

2019 Poster festival “Typomania”, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2018 Design Biennale “Golden Bee”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2016 International Poster Festival, Shenzhen, China
2016 Exhibition of the poster residence participants, Dukley European Art Community, Kotor, Montenegro
2016 Poster Festival “Typomania”, Budapest, Hungary
2016 Beijing Design Week, Beijing, China


2020 BirdinFlight “Speak Out: How to Turn Psychotherapy into an Art Project»
2020 Zapovednik.ru “Religion as Linux: what you want, you can collect»
2019 Lenta.ru “Since childhood I felt the presence of another»
How people who believe in magic and call themselves witches and sorcerers live in Russia
2019 Lensculture New Visions — CORTONA ON THE MOVE 


2021–2023 ICA, Moscow
2020–2021 Polezreniya, Moscow
2018–2019 Documentary photographer, “Fotografika” Academy of Photography, St. Petersburg

2014–2016 Graphic designer, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow
2005–2011 Magister of Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow